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Speech Therapy


The coordination of lips, tongue, teeth, palate, and the lungs to produce sound.


The social 'rules' of communicating and interacting with others



Many children with attention disorders have difficulty listening, therefore problems with understanding topics and recognizing social cues.

receptive language

Helping children process and understand communication from others

Voice disorders

Therapists aim to teach children with voice disorders, often caused by nodules/polyps, strategies to relieve tension and pain to achieve their optimal voice patterns.



Common feeding problems: dysphagia, sensory, and oral motor development. Our therapists are trained to address several feeding and swallowing disorders.

expressive language

Teaching children to produce words and combine them to form phrases to better communicate their wants and needs.


Therapists can specialize and teach ASL (American Sign Language). They can also teach children how to get the most use out of their hearing and communicative devices.

oral motor skills

Teaches children several oral motor exercises to improve strength and coordination of the movements of teeth, tongue, lips, jaw, and cheeks.

If your child is having difficulty with any of these areas that are interfering with their quality of life, give your doctor or us a call!

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